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Official Festo partners

CSM Engineering and CSM Bearings & Pneumatic Supplies were recently appointed as Official FESTO PARTNERS

To CSM this is a great achievement as in the South African market there are – resellers, distributors but only a few PARTNERS.
To obtain this rating, the Company has to follow a set of determined guidelines and protocols, set by FESTO GERMANY and to obtain this rating “You have to be Good”.


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Our story

CSM Bearings & Engineering started off as a small company in 1999 and since then have grown to the much bigger, reputable company we are today.

We have operations and clients in South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Swaziland and Namibia. Our main client base lies right here in the Gauteng area.


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We specialise in:

Bearings, Sprockets, Chains, V-Belts, Pulleys, Timing pulleys and timing belts, Taper-locks, Locking Elements, Couplings and coupling elements & sleeves, Industrial gearboxes – SEW, Bonfiglioli and others, IWIS Flat top chain and equipment, Conveying belts and accessories, Pneumatics, Cylinders, Process valves, Fittings, Tubing sensors, etc….

As a group of companies, we are not limited to only supplying our clients the run of the mill bearings etc, we are also able to import those once in a blue moon items.

No bearing is too big or too small to source.

We aim to make life easier for our clients and take the hassle of sourcing away.

We source what our client needs!


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